Functional Flow

Functional Flow will be focusing on strength, mobility, body awareness. Using only our body’s own weight the class will be challenging regardless of your fitness level yet with the feeling of flow at its core. A lot of injuries can be prevented by being proactive with the right mobility training. The class is taught by Leo Polack.

Heartfulness Meditation

The Heartfulness meditation runs for 30 mins. Starting with the first half guided and second silent. It’s an efficient practice for mental resilience, clarity and a way to dive deeper into yourself and discover your heart. The right place to find your purpose. A practice for your mental and spiritual health. The meditation is taught by Thorkild May.

Sunday Funday Runday

Sunday Funday Runday. Facilitated running class with a focus on speed, strength and VO2 max. Open for all levels, but a bit of experience is expected. Typical program is a warm up and a jog followed by a circuit based interval or tempo run.

Good Habit Studio.

Our intention with Good Habit Studio is to create a space to share practices for physical, mental and spiritual health. We all know about the importance of physical exercise at this point. And it’s hard to disconnect the three, but why and how should we have proactive practices for mental and spiritual health?

Our approach is simple: we believe that living your best life should be both enjoyable and empowering. That's why our classes are designed to be fun, safe, and challenging, creating an environment where you can thrive.

We’re excited to see you out there.