Background and philosophy

Learn more about our philosophy, background and production

Based on the collective Nordic research.

The Nordic countries have, for decades, published the Nordic Nutritional Recommendations (NNR). It is a collaborative publication aimed at establishing dietary and nutritional recommendations based on shared research.

We have systematically reviewed the NNR to set criteria for when individuals may need supplementation of specific vitamins and minerals. Based on this, we have developed our online consultation that matches your profile with those criteria.

This way, you don't have to read the NNR yourself.

Developed in Denmark. Produced in Germany.

Our formulations are developed in Denmark through a collaborative approach between graduates in human nutrition, our clinical dietitian and the state-certified food technician of our subcontractor.

With 20+ years of experience and more than 500 million capsules delivered to over 200 customers annually, we are proud of our IFS*-certified subcontractor. By selecting only reliable European suppliers, they ensure top-quality raw materials.

Supplements. Not substitutes.

We believe in the power of a balanced and varied diet as the foundation of good health. And we know that a dietary supplement cannot replace that.

Our philosophy revolves around this principle, which is why our formulations are designed with careful consideration. We strive to provide optimal supplementation without exceeding 100% of the recommended daily intake of nutrients.

We recognize that you already consume many beneficial nutrients through your diet, and our goal is to complement that, filling potential gaps with precisely balanced supplements. Your well-being is our priority, and we aim to support your healthy lifestyle with thoughtfully formulated products.

We are all unique. And yet, we are so alike.

We would love to create a unique capsule just for you, as there is only one of you. However, up to a certain extent, you share similarities with a handful of other individuals. That's why there are instances where you may receive the same formulation as others.

Good habits affect your lifestyle. And your health.

A bright mind in a healthy body. For many this is the essence of what we seek. But what does this have to do with supplements?

Well, we believe in incremental improvements on a human-like scale. We believe that good habits affects your lifestyle, mentality and ultimately your health. That a small change can have a ripple effect on how you experience life. That small change could be a supplement. Maybe even ours.