Good News #9

Monthly newsletter sharing our thoughts, recent favourites and community events.

Good News #9

Hey friends,

It's been such a pleasure meeting many of you with the launch of our Good Habit Studio concept. We definitely feel like there's a lot of positive energy in the air, and exciting things are happening.

With people climbing out of their winter hibernation caves, and all these new projects, we found ourselves having to be extra vigilant with our self-care routine. Remembering to take that deep breath in...and out. Thankfully our CMO is a professional mediation coach, but for all of you who don't have someone on hand like that, here is out monthly newsletter. This time it's dedicated to meditative practices and mindfulness. 🧘‍♂️🌀




1. An interesting audial experience

The sound:  A quite literally extra-ordinary art nun called Ma-Li , who makes dance mediation videos in the insanely stunning landscapes of  Zealandia. Think tai-chi to techno, or just a good flow with curated tunes.

The vibe: It's weird without a doubt– but that's why we like it.



2. Book of the month

The book: Spiritual Anatomy by Kamlesh D. Patel

Our thoughts: This book is different from the others because it presents a modern angle to the spiritual mind-body experience. Many spiritual texts can be quite abstract, but this one breaks down the concept of chakras and body connection in a concise, insightful, and contemporary way. It's perfect for all of you who are curious about deepening your understanding and enhancing your connection to your body daily.


3. A little adventure

For us warmer days often mean more time spent outdoors, and we are always looking for inspiring landscapes to explore. The hike around Røsnæs Rund Trail is one of those, with steep cliffs and sprawling views of the breathtaking sea. With different route options from 2km-walk-with-the-kids to 25km-lets-stay-the-night-in-a-shelter-enthusiasts, there is something there for everyone. 


4. A good gathering

April saw the launch of our Good Habit Studio concept, where we aim to explore physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing together with our community. We asked our CMO and Heartfulness Meditation coach Thorkild May, how he got into these practices in the first place, and what others curious about it could consider. This is what he had to say: 

"Clearly many of us are working on ourselves, but often this extends only to our physical bodies– so what about our minds? Many people tend to "meditate" while doing something else like running or cooking, which is great. But this state of flow (with an activity) is not quite the same as real mediation where you really allow stillness without any distraction. 

Meditation is like looking in the mirror, but for our minds rather than our physical body. People often get discouraged because when you're not used to doing it, it can feel weird, boring or messy. But if you keep practicing, maybe on the 5th run for example, it gets better. You start noticing the difference. Its all about trying it out a few times because it's something that can only be learned through experience. That’s also why we have the studio, to encourage anyone interested to come practice with us."


5. An interesting study

The Study: Effect of heartfulness meditation on burnout, emotional wellness, and telomere length in health care professionals.

The Conclusion: 

ut of the 37 subjects practicing weekly heartful meditation for 12 weeks, all subjects had significantly lower burnout levels and better emotional wellness assessments than those not practicing meditation. Read the full published study here.

Source: Thimmapuram, J., Pargament, R., Sibliss, K., Grim, R., Risques, R., & Toorens, E. (2017). Effect of heartfulness meditation on burnout, emotional wellness, and telomere length in health care professionals. Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives, 7(1), 21–27.




That wraps up this edition. Stay tuned for next month's special on our latest curiosities and happenings. Until then, keep exploring and stay inspired! 🥰