Active Life Bundle

A bundle for those who are very psychically active to help support your body and give it the nutrition it needs to sustain an active lifestyle.

The bundle includes the Active Life multivitamin and A Different™ Hydration x Good Habit Co. electrolytes powder.

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Active lifestyle

Not enough water

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Product information

The product is delivered in an airtight mono-plastic pouch along with a brown glass container for optional use.

The pouch contains 30 capsules and the daily dose is 1 capsule per day.

For optimal absorption, consider taking the capsule with a meal that contains fat - typically an evening meal.

With our subscription service, you'll receive a new pouch with 30 fresh capsules every month. We'll email you beforehand, for you to postpone in case you aren't ready.


No GMO's

Traceable Ingredients

No colorants

Allergy friendly

Made for someone like Frederik

33 år og dyrker sport flere gange om ugen

Living in Denmark, where winter sunlight is a rare commodity, Frederik, a dedicated exerciser, clocks in two hours of sport daily. His daily diet consist of 2-3 pieces of fruit, regular vegetable intake for lunch and dinner, and a daily dose of dairy, with a special fondness for Greek yogurt. A flexitarian at heart, Frederik includes legumes, especially hummus, as a staple in his daily meals.