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220 kr

High end electrolyte powder that contributes to maintaining your salt/sugar balance, so you can perform optimally both physically and mentally. With A Different Hydration, you are one step ahead of muscle cramps, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating and dizziness caused by poor salt and fluid balance.

14x servings

2-4 hverdages levering i hele Danmark.

Each serving contains


Sucrose; dextrose; acidity regulator: citric acid; trisodium citrate; natural flavour; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; calcium lactate; calcium gluconate; tripotassium citrate; trimagnesium citrate*; colorants: beta-carotene, spirulina extract (Arthrospira platensis); sweetener: steviol glycosides from Stevia

One serving of A Different Hydration (1 bag mixed in 500 ml water) contains 35 kcal.

Nutritional information

See nutritional declaration


Mix 1 packet with 500 ml of water and drink 1-3 times per day based on your activity level. A Different Hydration should only be mixed with clean water. Ensure thorough mixing and consume within 24 hours of preparation.

No artificial sweeteners

Caffine free



Lactose free


Other scenarios that could cause dehydration

Active lifestyle

During intense exercise and training, your body's electrolyte stores can be depleted as you sweat.


A night out can cause a hangover. One reason for feeling bad is that you might be dehydrated.

Long haul flights

A flight cabin is 4 times dryer than the Sahara desert. And on a 10 hour flight, you lose up to 4 liters of fluids. No wonder your body is shaken on arrival.

Crafted by award-winning chef Hannah Grant

For more than a decade, Hannah has partnered with elite athletes, uncovering the vital connection between food and top-tier performance.

Starting her journey in upscale culinary establishments, she's seamlessly merged her skills into the realm of sports. Now, that same fusion of culinary artistry and sports science takes center stage in our innovative electrolyte product. It's her way of demonstrating how exquisite flavors and intelligent nutrition can propel you right to the finish line.

What our customers say

Not only does it give good energy, it just tastes delicious, and I've started to use it as a substitute for my 4 pm snack

Katrine, Århus

A bottle of A Different Hydration before yoga is seriously beneficial as I don't dehydrate in the same way during exercise! Can really feel a big difference.

Ida, København

I often find that I get very tired and get headaches during a working day and especially in the afternoon - but after I started drinking A Different Hydration, my headaches have decreased and my energy levels don't drop as quickly.

Christian, København

How does A Different Hydration work?

A Different Hydration is designed for easy cellular absorption, ensuring water reaches where it's needed.

Based on optimal fluid absorption science used by NASA astronauts, it matches your cells' osmotic pressure.

This ensures that electrolyte balance (salt balance) aligns with your body's natural content, aiding voluntary fluid absorption for distribution within cells rather than accumulating on the skin or extracting salts.


When should I drink A Different Hydration?

• At work
• Before and after exercise and activities
• Before and after alcohol consumption
• When it's hot
• When experiencing headaches
• During long journeys and flights

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Thirst is the first sign of dehydration, representing a 1-2% fluid loss. Dehydration due to fluid loss affects various aspects, including:
• Cognitive performance and focus
• Short-term memory
• Verbal presentation and spelling
• Mental arithmetic
• Reaction time and awareness
• Eye-hand coordination and motor skills
• Spatial understanding
• Emotional stability
• Increased production of stress hormones

Is there any sugar in A Different Hydration?

Actually yes. Sugar helps increase water absorption, which speeds up how quickly you rehydrate.

A Different Hydration contains less than 2% sugar, aiding cell activation of fluid absorption. A small amount of carbohydrate optimizes fluid absorption.

In fact, a liquid's hydration effectiveness isn't solely determined by its form but by the right balance of sugar content.

What are electrolytes/salts and what are they used for?

Electrolytes, like salts, are crucial for brain signals to control actions such as heartbeat, movement, and breathing. Maintaining the body's salt balance ensures clear brain signals, impacting speech, movement, and overall survival.

Can athletes use A Different Hydration?

Yes, we're certified with Informed Sport, adhering to anti-doping guidelines from organizations like Anti Doping Denmark and WADA. Our products are free from banned substances.

Can't I just drink water?

For the body to absorb water, its salt balance must match cell salt balance. Drinking water triggers salt release from reserves to align the water's salt balance with cells'. But the body responds to low salt balance, causing increased urination and thirst, leading to a cycle that depletes salts. Excessive water intake can lead to imbalance.

Why daypacks, and not tablets?

Most tablets contains a binder which has a mild laxative effect, which means that if you drink to many you'll risk getting diarrhea. Which is the opposite of hydrating.

So we chose differently and made a formulation with no bonders or silicium, but just clean ingredients.

What kind of activities is A Different Hydration made for?

Activities lasting for less than 2 hours, such as casual runs, tennis, football etc.

So it's not particularly suited for endurance sports like marathons, long range cycling and similar, as you would need a higher amount of salt per serving.


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