Good News #8

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Good News #8

Hey friends,

The month is April, the season: Spring. Buds are slowly starting to burst into flowers, the days start and end later now - where we are at least. We hope you're feeling the same sense of rejuvenation wherever you are.

 In the meantime, we have some updates, recommendations, and other good news to share. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest edition of Good News




1. An Interesting Podcast

Podcast: Mushrooms as medicine: Uncover the healthy secrets of fungi, by Zoe: Science and nutrition on Spotify and Youtube.

The vibe: Why not go for a spring walk and enjoy to this one? Maybe even find some mushroom on your way 🍄

Note: Apparently we should eat a cup of mushrooms a day, and if it weren't for 'shrooms we would not exist.


2. Tunes of the month

If you, like us, feeling a bit tired of listening to the same old songs on repeat, we've got just the remedy. Introducing one of our favourite playlist at the moment. It's the perfect spring refresh for your music collection. 

Originally curated for our saunagus events, however, this playlist is equally enjoyable outside the steam room.


3. A little adventure and a foraged recipe  

Looking for a fun (and free) adventure? Consider going on a foraging expedition. Check out VILD MAD for various foraging spots across Denmark and to stay updated on which plants are in season, recipes and much more.

A favourite of ours: Wild garlic 🌱. It's a springtime classic, and is abundant and easy to forage. Keep an eye out for its vibrant green leaves, which can be found in both urban areas and the countryside. Here is a delicious recipe for wild garlic butter by UK chef Thomas Straker.


4. Good gatherings

Mark your calendars - mid-April we are officially launching Good Habit Studio.

The studio will be our very own space in Frederiksberg where we will host weekly meditation and yoga classes with a focus on community practices for physical, mental and spiritual health. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming your way within the next few days  👀.


5. An interesting study

By April, many of us have likely set aside our New Year's resolutions or simply lost track of them. However, as spring arrives, you might have observed how the changing season often inspires a desire for fresh beginnings.

 This phenomenon is known as the "Fresh Start Effect", and research suggest that during these times we're more motivated to pursue our goals, more likely to commit to healthy habits, and more optimistic about the future. 

So, why not put this fresh energy to good use by setting some goals for yourself? It could be anything from finally picking up that book you've been meaning to read, to drinking more water, or aiming to get 10k steps in every day. Or whatever else you fancy.




That wraps up this edition. Stay tuned for next month's special on our latest obsessions and happenings. Until then, keep exploring and stay inspired!