Good News #7

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Good News #7

Hey friend,
Welcome to our revamped monthly newsletter! This is our special spot to slow down and share the things we've been loving lately. We want this to be a space to foster a deeper sense of connection and well-being among us, and share our wins but also losses. Having always been much more interested in how good habits exist in the real world where real life happens, our goal is to cultivate a meaningful community where we all grow together. Let's make this our symbiotic space.
It's hard to say if it's the remnants of Valentines day or just the need to escape the cold Danish winter, but this edition is a fiery tribute to the steamy Sauna Gods. Anticipating our 3rd saunagus event at 25hours hotel, we're excited to share both our  plans for the near future, and invite you into a world of sauna wisdom. Ready to embrace the warmth?

2. Tune of the month

Song: 20:17 by Olfur Arnald and Nils Frahm

The vibe: An elegant electronic, dreamy classical composition for that post-sauna calm bliss.

Note: Nils Frahm is playing two concerts at Vega in April.


2. A cultural gem

What is it? Sundance award winning documentary Smoke Sauna Sisterhood by Estonian director Anna Hints. A uniquely intimate yet surprisingly unsentimental experience of women sharing life stories in a traditional smoke sauna.

Where can you watch it? Select theatres and dates across Denmark schedule here.

Our thoughts: This documentary is a testament to a feeling we have had for a long time: there is something magical that happens in the intimate, hot, dark space of a sauna. Although there are many harrowingly intimate moments shared among the cross-generational and multi-backgrounded women, there is an air of raw groundedness and unpretentiousness. Today the concept of a sauna is often packaged to us as a fancy lifestyle hack, so it is a breath of fresh air to witness the roots of the culture in a traditional smoke sauna in the forests of Estonia.


3. A little adventure (across the bridge)

If you, like us, are tired of sitting at home in these cold dark months, then a refreshing week-end day trip could be taking the train to Malmö to experience Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, or ‘Kallis’ as it has been affectionately dubbed by Malmo’s residents.

 As one of the oldest and best-preserved bathhouses in Sweden, it's only a 20 minute walk from the central station. The bathhouse features open-air pools, 5 saunas, wood-fired hot tubs, and massages, with separate areas for men and women. They are no strangers to embracing inclusivity, hosting 'Queer Kallis' on the first Monday of every month to welcome the LGBTQ community.


4. A good gathering

Incase you still haven't signed up to our mindful yoga and saunagus event happening Tuesday 12th March, sign up here.  It's already our third edition because we just can't get enough of the restoring movements, hot sauna and most importantly our lovely community.


5. An interesting study 

There's an old Finnish proverb saying ‘The sauna is a poor man's pharmacy’ - and maybe there is some truth to that? We're big believers in keeping things simple, but we're also curious what the science world has to say about our beloved sauna rituals.

Looking at the 2018 review about cardiovascular and overall health benefits of Finnish sauna rituals by the scientifically acclaimed Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal , this is what we found:

Heart and Vascular Wellness: Evidence suggests sauna rituals can boost heart health by improving blood vessel function, easing arterial stiffness, and lowering blood pressure, thereby reducing risks of cardiovascular conditions and neurocognitive diseases.

Lung Function: Regular sauna use may improve respiratory health, offering relief from asthma, chronic bronchitis, and lowering colds and respiratory disease risks.

Pain Relief: Conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia may find solace in the heat of the sauna, easing pain and discomfort.

Mental Well-being: Saunas could lessen symptoms of mild depression and boost life quality, especially for the elderly.

Skin Health: Regular sessions may also nourish skin health, helping manage conditions like psoriasis.


That wraps up this edition. Stay tuned for next month's special on our latest obsessions and happenings. Until then, keep exploring and stay inspired