Your daily foundation of personalised vitamins and minerals. Carefully selected vitamins are combined based on the results of our vitamin test and delivered in a plant-based capsule.
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There’s not much new about a multivitamin. But it can be difficult to find one that’s made for you and your needs. Until now.

Fewer additives than with a tablet

We prefer to use capsules over tablets, because it allows us to use less additives. Such as the “glue” that keeps a tablet together. This makes us able to optimise the amount of actual vitamins and minerals available in each dose.

Fewer additives than with a tablet

We’ve chosen to stand on the shoulders of giants (being established european suppliers). This way we can deliver the best quality available while focussing on giving you the best advice, formulation and experience as a customer.

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Vitamin A

Forming the protein rhodopsin which helps maintain your vision as well as normal mucous membranes

Retinyl acetate

Vitamin B1

An important part of the process for the food to be converted into energy in the body


Vitamin B2

Protects the body's cells from oxidative damage from combustion, environment and exercise


Vitamin B3

Helps transform carbohydrate, fat and protein into an energy form that the body can use


Vitamin B5

Has an important role in the conversion of energy, which e.g. the brain uses a large part of


Vitamin B6

Helps regulate the hormonal balance of the body

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

Folic acid

Transforms the amino acid homocysteine ​​into other amino acids so it does not accumulate in the blood

Pteroylmonoglutamic acid

Vitamin B12

Helps form DNA which all the cells in the body needs for growth, healing etc.


Vitamin C

Increases the absorption of iron significantly and contributes to a normally functioning immune system

L-Ascorbic acid

Vitamin D

Necessary for calcium absorption which has an impact on muscles, bones and teeth


Vitamin E

Protects the body's cells from oxidative damage from combustion, environment and exercise


Vitamin K1

Helps to coagulate the blood so that a minor bleeding naturally stops


Vitamin K2

Transports calcium out to the bone tissue which is mainly built up by this mineral



Ensures that that calcium does not penetrate the muscles which can cause spasm states and fatigue

Magnesium carbonate & magnesium citrate


Contributes to maintaining skin, hair, nails and included in the continuous cell division process

Zinc citrate


Important for bone health and to maintain strong bones and teeth all life

Calcium carbonate & calcium citrate


Plays a central role in the production of thyroid hormones

Potassium iodide


Has an impact on the function of the thyroid gland which, among other things, regulates digestion

Selenium enriched yeast

Did you know

Vitamins should be consumed in the evenings

Since most of the vitamins are oil-soluble, the best absorbtion happens after a meal. Which is why the evenings are ideal.


Frequently asked questions


Do all people need supplements?

No. The common understanding from many medical doctors is that a balanced diet should contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. And we’re not here to argue with that. But what is a balanced diet? And what about the exceptions to that rule? Like if you’re menstruating and losing a lot of iron once a month? Or trying to get pregnant? Or living in a country with limited sunshine for more than 6 months of the year? Those are among the questions we’d like to help you navigate.

Can you guarantee an effect?

The short answer is no. Most supplements alone rarely provide a noticeable benefit, but that’s not to say they aren’t beneficial. Vitamins and minerals are critical to optimal health. The definition of a vitamin even translates to ‘essential for normal growth.

Our supplements are pro-active products meant to prevent deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. Given that it’s a pro-active product, and we tend to live a life with endless variables, it can be difficult to assess whether you feel different than if you hadn’t taken it - and if so, then it can be difficult to say why. ‘Cause maybe you also started drinking more water, getting more exercise, eating healthier or what not. But that’s exactly the nerve of our philosophy. We can’t promise that the actual nutrients will make you feel different, but we strongly believe that the derived effects will.

When do the products expire?

If stored in their air tight pouch, at room temperature, in a dry and dark environment, then both the multivitamin, algae oil and iron+C supplement will have a best before date at two years after their respective date of manufacturing.

Once opened, we recommend to consume the capsules within six months.

Are all the vitamins and minerals organic?

Our manufacturer have obtained the european certification for import and processing of dietary supplements, but as only a few vitamins and minerals are available in organic raw form, then we can’t label the products to be organic.

At what time of day should I eat my capsules?

Given the chance that your multivitamin will contain fat soluble nutrients (K1, K2, E, D and A), then we recommend to eat your capules with a meal. If you eat breakfast - great! If not, maybe you should start? Or keep your vitamins close to the olive oil so you remember them at dinner.

We’d further recommend to eat the multivitamin and the algae oil together, but take the iron+C supplement at another time during the day. to appear when the content is expanded

Is every capsule uniquely designed for me?

While we do believe that every human is unique, we still tend to fall in to certain personas. We’ve made our formulations thereafter. This means that you might find someone else who has the same formula as you.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. If you don’t like the party, we won’t keep you here. But we hope you’ll come back later.

Can I change my formulation at a later point?

Yes. In order to update your vitamin profile, you just take the test again. It’s accessible from your profile page.

Can I skip, or delay, a shipment if I haven’t finished my last one?

Yes. Our worst fear is that you build up a stock. You can pause, postpone or reschedule your subscription at any time from your profile page. We also send you reminders about any upcoming orders, with a magic link to your profile so you can easily manage it if needed.

What’s the delivery time?

We are able to deliver your products within 2-4 working days. Delivery for subscription orders is free.

Is it only sold as a subscription?

For the time being, then yes. It takes time to fall into new routines, and we aim at being your long time partner in that game. For supplements - and good habits in general.

What if I’m unhappy with my product?

Step one is to let us know at Step two is, most likely, to get your money back. However, please read our return policy before any inquiries.