Good Athlete

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Good Athlete is the perfect supplement for amateur and pro athletes, containing optimal levels of vitamin D, K2, B6, zinc, and magnesium.

Good Athlete promotes muscle readiness and recovery while minimizing muscle fatigue.

Start your good habit with Good Athlete.

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Less is more

We designed a capsule specifically for active lifestyles, eliminating redundant ingredients that often occupy valuable space in a multivitamin. This freed up room for more of the crucial elements needed for muscle recovery: zinc and magnesium.

Active nutrients

Vitamin D3

The "sunshine vitamin". An important antioxidant that helps maintain strong bones, prevent diseases, and improve your mental well-being.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in blood clotting and bone metabolism. It is a necessary nutrient to maintain the health of our body.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that helps maintain a healthy nervous system, promote healthy skin, strengthen the immune system and regulate sleep.


Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in the body's functions, including the immune system, DNA synthesis and protein synthesis. It is also important for healthy skin, hair and nails.


Magnesium is an important mineral for a wide range of functions. It is essential for a healthy bone structure, the functioning of the muscular and nervous systems, and metabolism.

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Frequently asked questions


Do all people need supplements?

No. The common understanding from many medical doctors is that a balanced diet should contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. And we’re not here to argue with that. But what is a balanced diet? And what about the exceptions to that rule? Like if you’re menstruating and losing a lot of iron once a month? Or trying to get pregnant? Or living in a country with limited sunshine for more than 6 months of the year? Those are among the questions we’d like to help you navigate.

Can you guarantee an effect?

The short answer is no. Most supplements alone rarely provide a noticeable benefit, but that’s not to say they aren’t beneficial. Vitamins and minerals are critical to optimal health. The definition of a vitamin even translates to ‘essential for normal growth.

Our supplements are pro-active products meant to prevent deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. Given that it’s a pro-active product, and we tend to live a life with endless variables, it can be difficult to assess whether you feel different than if you hadn’t taken it - and if so, then it can be difficult to say why. ‘Cause maybe you also started drinking more water, getting more exercise, eating healthier or what not. But that’s exactly the nerve of our philosophy. We can’t promise that the actual nutrients will make you feel different, but we strongly believe that the derived effects will.

When do the products expire?

If stored in their air tight pouch, at room temperature, in a dry and dark environment, then both the multivitamin, algae oil and iron+C supplement will have a best before date at two years after their respective date of manufacturing.

Once opened, we recommend to consume the capsules within six months.

Are all the vitamins and minerals organic?

Our manufacturer have obtained the european certification for import and processing of dietary supplements, but as only a few vitamins and minerals are available in organic raw form, then we can’t label the products to be organic.

At what time of day should I eat my capsules?

Given the chance that your multivitamin will contain fat soluble nutrients (K1, K2, E, D and A), then we recommend to eat your capules with a meal. If you eat breakfast - great! If not, maybe you should start? Or keep your vitamins close to the olive oil so you remember them at dinner.

We’d further recommend to eat the multivitamin and the algae oil together, but take the iron+C supplement at another time during the day. to appear when the content is expanded


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. If you don’t like the party, we won’t keep you here. But we hope you’ll come back later.

Can I skip, or delay, a shipment if I haven’t finished my last one?

Yes. Our worst fear is that you build up a stock. You can pause, postpone or reschedule your subscription at any time from your profile page. We also send you reminders about any upcoming orders, with a magic link to your profile so you can easily manage it if needed.

What’s the delivery time?

We are able to deliver your products within 2-4 working days. Delivery for subscription orders is free.

What if I’m unhappy with my product?

Step one is to let us know at Step two is, most likely, to get your money back. However, please read our return policy before any inquiries.