The supplements you actually need

Supplements is a jungle. We help you navigate it through an online test along with a custom solution made for someone like you.

When & where you need them

Spot them, eat them, feel good. Our products are design to fit your your everyday life. Oh and then they’re refilled when you run out.

Highest quality, fairest price

No unnecessary fillers, science backed formulations and rigid testing for cleanliness. Shipped directly to you, with no middlemen.


Personalised multivitamin

15 different formulations of vitamins and minerals tailored to different lifestyles.

Algae Oil

A vegan and sustainable source of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA.


An iron supplement with added vitamin C for enhanced absorption.

Quality supplements sourced from local supplyers

Certified and quality-assured production.

With over 20 years of experience, our manufacturer brings extensive knowledge to crafting high-quality supplements.

Developed in Denmark. Produced in Germany.

Our formulations are developed in Denmark and manufactured in Germany. All raw materials are sourced from trusted, quality controlled European suppliers.


Proudly IFS-certified, our subcontractor has delivered over 500 million capsules annually to more than 200 customers.